The first edition of SXCALA apparel has been designed to fit both men and women in an oversized fashion. Falling between a standard large and extra large fit, each measurement has been tailored to provide the best fit.

Location Measurement
Neckline (Circumference) The neckline measurement is taken around the full circumference of the neckline. 520mm
Shoulders (Width) The shoulder measurement spans the full width of the shoulders, from the corner of the shoulder and sleeve on one side, to the other. 470mm
Chest (Width) The chest measurement is taken across the width of the body underneath the armpits. 580mm
Sleeve (Length) The sleeve measurement is taken from where the top of the sleeve meets the shoulder, down to the bottom, outside edge of the sleeve. 255mm
Body (Length) The body measurement is taken from the back of the collar down to the bottom of the body of the garment. 720mm

Raw Cut T-Shirt

Measurements £35.00 Hand made in the UK from 100% organic cotton is the first edition of SXCALA apparel, which features unique embroidery around the neckline and a precise woven tab on the right sleeve bearing the project's tagline - "BORN TO CREATE". Support the project by getting your Raw Cut T-Shirt delivered in biodegradable packaging:

Hand made in the UK.
Material: 100% Organic Cotton
Detail: Embroidered Neckline, Woven Tab (Right Sleeve)
Packaging: Biodegradable