Giuseppe De Chiara aka WarinD.


Jack Vanstone
10 August 2020
Artist Spotlight
SXE 004

Introduction / Giuseppe De Chiara began his WarinD project in September of 2015. Influenced by acid, melancholic and distorted sounds, the young producer founded his own, self-titled record label “WarinD Records” as a direct source of content for his productions.

Since 2015, Giuseppe has performed at a series of events spanning more than 15 countries and  20 venues. Amongst these dates are key performances at some of the industries most sought after rave locations, including the infamous Tresor, Jaded at Corsica Studios in London, UK, as well as Manchester’s own The White Hotel.


Not one for complacency, Giuseppe has been hammering out high octane productions since the early days of his career, starting with his first release on his own imprint entitled ‘WarinD #01’, which paved the way for more than 40 releases and 10 EP’s, including 2 vinyl records dispersed across more than 15 imprints.

Interview / Giuseppe De Chiara

Q. How/when did you get into music?

A. I got into music at the age of 12, where I started to operate my first console, at 14/15 I began to go to my first electronic music parties here in Naples in my home city. I then joined some of the cities main crews who were known for organising parties, so I got the chance to get noticed in my city as a DJ. At 16 I started producing and from there I never stopped, until today it has been a continuous evolution.


Q. What inspired you to start your own record label?

A. As mentioned, I started producing at 16 and until 18 no one accepted my tracks (or at least the labels I wanted). I didn’t believe that qualitatively they were too low, I think it was more that at that time the passion for something more “industrial” had not yet been born. So I decided to launch my music independently, with a label and an artist who started from nothing. It was a difficult challenge but I didn’t care because I didn’t want to become “famous”, I was happy that my product could be online and that people could listen to it, I didn’t ask for anything else. Then the rest is history and it all came together automatically with great commitment and dedication.


Q. What is your favourite thing about music?

A. I don’t know if you have ever thought about this thing, but in the world there is war for many important things and people often argue for anything, but for music people never do, because it is the only thing that unites us beyond of the various musical choices (though this is normal, music is wide and varied). There are no quarrels or wars for music because it is aggregation, collectivity, passion, love, feeling, expression of body and mind, music is everything and I cannot imagine a day without it.


Q. What is your biggest achievement?

A. My biggest success is having done great things in the Techno music scene, starting from nothing, with a label that was born from nothing and having managed both things at the same time and having had great success today with the opportunity to collaborate with great artists, making showcases all over the world (Medellin, Rome, Venice, Lyon, Paris and others …). All this without ever having an economic power that would allow me to buy advertising and hype for my label or for myself. This is my greatest satisfaction in a world, where there is often too much business unfortunately. One day I will tell my children that nothing is impossible even if you start from the bottom. I am truly proud of this.


Q. Who are your favourite producers at the moment?

A. Currently my favourites are: New Frames, Parallx, 999999999, IN/JXRX and Brecc.


Q. Anything else you want to mention?

A. Be ready because I will be back with productions like the old days, really hard. A series of EP’s will be released, so get ready and follow my pages in the next few days for the news.

With an incredible track record of determination and quality, Giuseppe has curated and delivered quality, dance-floor focused music to the industry for over half a decade and he’s not done yet. Keep your eyes and ears open for more music from the stellar Italian in the coming months.