HATE, the project that keeps on giving.


Jack Vanstone
12 February 2020
Industry Insight
SXE 002

Introduction / This SXCALA editorial features the renowned creative project known as HATE, which is respected throughout the electronic music industry for showcasing a vast array of underground music from the most revered artists and imprints.

During the first few years of the project, the HATE team uploaded a selection of their favourite releases to Youtube, quickly gaining traction and a following of audiophiles that would soon become the fuel to ignite the future growth of the project.


The first release ever published under the HATE moniker was ‘AnD – The Surface of Last Scattering (Zeitgeber Remix)‘, released on dutch imprint Electric Deluxe back in June 2015. A passing glance at today’s HATE content paints a far more diverse picture that encompasses a whole range of influences from creatives far and wide, with the ethereal sounds of Kas:st, Claudio PRC and Svreca upheld against the harsh, bonebreaking vibrations of Keepsakes, JKS and Ansome. This continuous development and growth has been somewhat infectious since the initial inception of the project, which is a testament to the dedication and focus of the brand’s founders Szymon and Mike.


Over recent years HATE has become the defining powerhouse, PR and marketing tool loved by many and hated by few – which is no easy accomplishment within a community that largely prides itself on discreet, underground and non-mainstream trends and influences. As the go-to source for new, club focused electronic music – HATE has received support and critical acclaim from all corners of rave subculture – repeatedly backed by the likes of Electronic Beats, FourFour Magazine, Dummy Magazine and more.

Interview / Szymon Szyperski

Q. When and how did the project start?

A. My partner and I began to work on the HATE YouTube channel back in April of 2015, we did that to publish the selected works of artists that we appreciate. Our team has never changed since that time, we believe that the music that we publish on our media channels is valuable and worth sharing with a wider group of people than just our friends.


Q. Where did the name HATE come from?

A. The meaning of HATE is simple, it mainly refers to the broadly defined hateful behaviour of certain people. No matter what you produce as a creator, there will always be people who will hate, disesteem your passion and work. We have been faced with this situation in the past, working on other projects before HATE, and we still experience it now, after all these years. Your subjective and individual choices will always be found to be inappropriate by some people. If you truly believe in your individual mission you will always find good people who will motivate you for development.


Q. When did the project really start to take off/gain traction?

A. I think about 2 years ago, after I realised that I need to put more time into this project to keep it growing and developing, rather than focusing on my regular work of graphic design. With my partner, we always want to use our combined efforts to push HATE to the next level. Our podcast series was born in October 2016, after only one year from its birth, it was mentioned by Electronic Beats as one of “10 Techno Podcasts Every Techno Head Should Know”: read more.


Q. What do you enjoy most about managing the HATE project?

A. Staying connected with the people who produce music which I truly like, I enjoy that a lot. Because of this project, I met many wonderful people and I am very grateful for that.


Q. What are your favourite Techno imprints?

A. Anthony Linell’s Northern Electronics, Semantica Records by Svreca, KAOS/OAKS from the man himself Héctor Oaks, Acronym’s Stilla Ton, Najaaraq (Courtesy)’s label Kulør, Fabio Venezia’s Voxnox Records and Emerald created by Remco Beekwilder.


Q. What was your favourite track of 2019?

A. It’s hard to pick just one, but I must definitely mention the following works:

Möd3rn – Identity [MD3RN10]
Desroi – Disentangled [SEM116]
Notzing – Aithér II [KNOTZ06]
Psyk – Artemis [TRESOR308]
Blazej Malinowski – In Reverse [SEMANTICA106]


Q. What are the future plans for the HATE project?

A. I am currently finalising the registration of HATE as a brand. In the future, we have planned various collaborations and due to our 5 year anniversary, we will try to manage a HATE event in Berlin in 2020.


Q. Anything else you want to mention?

A. I would like to thank all people who respect and support our initiative, without them, it would be impossible, thanks a million for all of you!

There truly isn’t a direct rival for a network with the stature and reputation of the HATE project, and this unique paradigm has poised HATE as one of the most reputable content sources in underground music, but more specifically within Techno.


Only increasing in notoriety as time passes, HATE continues to draw support from all corners of the globe.